Representation of co-creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in all entertainment and licensing matters from 1988 through buyout of one co-creator by the other in 2000. Continued representation of the remaining co-creator; negotiation of all deals with respect to relaunch of the property in 2003, and negotiation and closing of all aspects of the sale of the property for over $60MM to Viacom in 2009.

Representation of David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment (Earthworm Jim, MDK, Matrix) in all matters from 1993 to date, including sale of studio, twice, the last time for over $50MM, formation of current business Gaikai, and his role in the sale of Gaikai to Sony for $380MM in 2012.

Representation of Paradox Entertainment of Stockholm, Sweden and Los Angeles in multiple international matters since 1995, including acquisition of the Conan the Barbarian property and rights to the Robert E. Howard library, licensing of the Conan Funcom MMOG and multiple other film, video and licensing agreements for Solomon Kane, Buck Rogers, Dark Agnes, etc.

Representation of Sweden’s largest developer and publisher Paradox Interactive AB in multiple matters, including the release of dozens of video games; representation of its then-related and now separate company GamersGate in the establishment of one of the world's largest digital distribution businesses.

Representation of Cesar Millan, star of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan in all aspects of his family’s entertainment and licensing career.

Representation of German interactive developer Yager Development in concluding its SpecOps video game deal with 2K/Take-Two.

Representation of 1C, by far the largest Russian/Eastern-European interactive company in multiple intellectual property, contracting and legal disputes all over the world.

Representation of Rainbow Studios, Italy's premier animation studio, in various dealings in the United States.

Representation of Chorion PLC (now defunct) in numerous television and direct-to-video agreements relating to its Mr. Men, Olivia, Gaspard and Lisa, Octonauts, and other properties.

Representation of Ed Pressman Films with respect to merchandising of The Crow property.

Representation of David Michel, creator of Jay Jay the Jet Plane, on all entertainment and licensing deals from 1995 to date, including placement of the series with Porchlight Entertainment and on PBS.

Representation of Al Kahn, founder of 4Kids Entertainment, in his post-4Kids ventures.

Representation of Ken Levine and Jonathan Chey, the founders of Irrational Games and developers of Freedom Force, Tribes, SWAT, BioShock and others on various video game, entertainment and licensing deals, as well as sale of the company to Take Two Interactive in 2005.

Representation of the developers and owners of the video game Tetris with strategic planning in connection with the sale of the property.

Representation of the creator of plush toy Pound Puppies in connection with master toy licenses for the property.

Representation of Eric Carle Studio (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) in intellectual property, licensing and entertainment matters.

Representation of the Eric Carle Museum in its business.

Representation of the Story Hat (founded by Kevin Mowrer, the former head of intellectual properties at Hasbro and writer/producer/director Rob Travalino) in the protection, licensing, and other exploitation of its intellectual properties, including the series Dragon Booster.

Representation of those responsible for the relaunch of the Indian Motocycle bike and brand in their (now bankrupt) worldwide efforts to relaunch the brand.

Representation of the Estate of Margaret Landon, creator of Anna and the King of Siam on which Rogers & Hammerstein based The King & I, and the Estate of William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

Representation of the creators of many television series, including Casper the Ghost, Electric Playground, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Olivia, Antiques Roadshow, Arthur, Savage Dragon, Wilbur, Raggs, Xyber 9, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Rescue Ink.

Negotiation of numerous live-action and theatrical agreements on behalf of Milestone Productions, Inc. for properties such as Garfield, Peanuts, Batman and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Representation of numerous video game development deals with most of the major video game publishers, including deals for the James Bond, BioShock, TMNT, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Matrix, The Beijing Olympics, Leisure Suit Larry, Robots and Ice Age 2 games.

Representation of Virtual Heroes, Inc., the producers of the America’s Army video game and other serious games.

Ongoing general counsel representation of one of the world’s premier independent video game developers, Eurocom Developments Ltd. of Derby, UK, developers of Batman, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beijing Olympics, G-Force, Dead Space, etc.

Representation of Lyra Studios in the creation, launch and profitable operation of one of the first massively scalable multi-player online role playing games.

Representation of Sergey Orlovskiy, founder of Nival Interactive, Russia’s then-largest game developer, whose titles include Rage of Mages, Etherlords, Blitzkrieg and Silent Storm, in its sale to EnerOne.

Representation of one of India’s largest software companies in the launch of its animation and video game affiliate FX Labs.

Representation of Universal Studios in connection with its licensing program.

Negotiation of master toy licenses with major toy companies, such as Trendmasters, Spin Master Hasbro, Playmates, and Jakks Pacific.

Successful defense of Irrational Games in two arbitrations with Crave Entertainment, Inc.

Negotiation of Unreal 3 engine license for multiple clients.

Representation of Nerd Corps in 52-episode series deals with The Cartoon Network and Disney, a licensing agency agreement with MGM, and a toy license with Spin Master.

Representation of Hoplon Studios of Florianopolis Brazil in connection with its Taikodom video game hosted by web game service K2.

Representation of Marc Ecko Enterprises in its video game activities.

Representation of Raggs, LLC in connection with its entertainment, PBS television, toy and interactive activities.

Representation of WGBH Enterprises in connection with its Arthur and Postcards from Buster series, among other matters.

Representation of Digital Development Management, one of the world’s leading interactive agents with its various business ventures worldwide.

Representation of Mad Doc Studios in connection with its sale to Take-Two Interactive.

Representation of Media Invest Establishment AB of Monaco and acclaimed writer Erich von Daniken of Switzerland in connection with the feature film, video game, live stage and musical versions of their World of Mysteries and Chariots of the Gods properties.

Representation of Russian developers and publishers Snowberry Interactive and Game Factory Interactive in various interactive deals.

Counseling of Strat-O-Matic in negotiating an agreement for an interactive version of its games for Sports Illustrated Online.

Oversight and leadership of multiple trademark and copyright registration and enforcement programs for multiple clients throughout the world.

Representation of Streamline Pictures, the first major importer of Japanese anime into the U.S., in negotiating deals for acquiring the U.S. distribution rights for dozens of Japanese films.

Representation of the Japanese publishing giant, Kodansha, in various U.S. business matters.

Final approval over billions of dollars in merchandising contracts on behalf of multiple clients around the world.

Successful representation of the singer Paul Simon in obtaining his release from his major label record contract.

Successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of CBS Records against Tanya Tucker, who was seeking to disaffirm her contract.

Responsible for the successful tracking down and arrest of an impersonator of the manager of the band Pink Floyd.

Representation of a major European international electrical supply company in its merger with U.S. counterpart.

Representation of management and minority shareholders in an intra-corporate battle with the trust and law firm controlling one of Wall Street’s largest financial empires.  Settled successfully.

Representation of Massachusetts Civil Liberty Union in trial to conclusion and successful 1st Circuit appeal of first civil rights verdict ever obtained against the city of Worcester’s Police Department Wierstak v. Heffernan, 789 F.2d 968 (1st Cir. 1986).

Representation of CD Projekt of Poland in launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

Representation of Larian Studios' trademarks worldwide.

Representation of Torn Banner, a "virtual studio" whose game Chivalry was ranked #1 on the online entertainment platform Steam.

Obtained eight figure settlement on behalf of a three year-old burn victim plaintiff against a Fortune 500 company on a negligent repair theory in an auto tort case.

Successful representation of the plaintiff in the trial, and settlement during trial, of a major medical malpractice case against an orthopedic surgeon at UMass Medical Center.

Successful representation of the mother of children allegedly sexually abused by the father in a divorce/custody case with the father.

Successful representation of renowned artist Alfred Leslie in his divorce where the major issue was division of his life’s work.

Representation and successful sale of a chain of 11 auto dealerships throughout New England.

Successful representation of the daughter of a Hollywood mogul against charges resulting from a pedestrian fatality.

Representation of over 1,000 criminal defendants in all matters of cases, including charges of fraud, rape and murder, e.g. Commonwealth v. Mendrala, 20 Mass. App. Ct. 398; 480 N.E.2d 1039 (1985).

Successful representation of Mexican engineering company in a major dispute with U.S. and European affiliates.

Successful representation of the beneficiary of a trust with substantial real estate interests in busting the trust due to trustees’ alleged self dealing and breaches of fiduciary duty.

Representation of a multi-picture joint venture between Paradox Entertainment and Bavariapool.

Helped coordinate financing and/or distribution for multiple feature film projects around the world, including co-productions located in Germany (Black Butterfly), Luxembourg and Malta (Thunder Run), Italy (Gladiators of Rome), Sweden (Bosse project), Canada (Reasonable Doubt), South Africa (Rogue Warrior), Louisiana (Broken City; Fire with Fire), Australia (Kull), Alaska (Frozen Ground), Massachusetts (Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket), and Michigan (The Setup).